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The community caretakers will update weekly by listing all the newly released movies in a given month. Each movie gets it's own post to which people can reply with their personal review of the movie. Every review is open to discussion, and debate.

The Rules

1. One liners as reviews will not be tolerated. You need to offer reasons as to why you feel the way you do not just "that flick blows". Any review like this will be deleted.
2. Members may never delete any comments other than their own. If you do this you will be banned.
3. No image macros or picture posts are allowed. If you cannot back up your arguments with words then don't bother. Replies and review of this nature will be deleted.

So you can see what's not allowed, now here is what is. If you see a review that you disagree with please post your own review, and feel free to reply to the other review and engage the other person. Don't pull punches, and be prepared to not have them pulled with you either. This is not meant to be polite discourse. The idea is to get past the pretentious nature of most reviewers and get down to what ever it is that we like about movies in an open raw forum.

movie_talk Staff